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Richmond Figure Skating Club

Virtual Testing


Test registrations must be done online via Entryeeze at the RFSC Membership site. RFSC members, select “Access My Account” under Existing Members. If you register as a non-member, there will be additional fees. If you can't complete the registration online, please contact RFSC at before the registration deadline.

Fees and Refund Policy

Member Fee: $40 per test

Non Member Fee: $55 per test

Registration for test sessions normally closes two days before the date. If a session is overbooked, the test chair may elect to close registartion early. There are no refunds for cancelations after registration is closed except when the skater is unable to test due to injury or servere illness. RFSC must receive written/emailed notification that the skater is injured and is withdrawing from the test no later than the day before the test session. A doctor’s note must be provided before the refund will be processed.

Test Timestamp

Videos MUST display a date and time. A digital wall clock that only shows time is not acceptable.

The best way to show the date and time is on a phone or tablet close to the videographer. For example, in this screenshot, the skater announced the name and text being taken, and then the videographer panned to a phone resting rinkside.

In this image, the date and time are clearly visible. (The timestamp will not be legible if a skater holds up a phone while several feet away from the videographer.)

Offered Tests

  • Moves in the Field

  • Free Skate

  • Pairs

  • Solo and Partnered Free Dance

  • Solo and Partnered Pattern Dance

Steps to Follow

1. After you have signed up and paid for your test(s), please refer to this document on how to take a video and submit it.

2. Download and fill out the following documents: Affidavit and Name of Likeness Release.

3. Submit your video by the deadline using the link in your email from EntryEeze.

4. Send confirmation of uploads to  your coach.

5. Videos are due on the day of the test session.

6. Results will be emailed to coaches within one week of the test session date.

Virtual Testing Frequently Asked Questions

  1. There are no re-skates, the video submitted is what will be judged.

  2. Figures are excluded from virtual testing.

  3. Video must include entire test executed like an in-person test:

    1. Date/Time must be shown at the beginning of the video.

    2. Video must be unedited; if a video is found to be edited, the test will be revoked.

    3. For moves-in-the-field tests, video should continue recording through all moves (no stopping video between moves).

    4. Performance affidavit will certify that video is taken in one sitting. Must be signed by videographer, coach, skater(s), and test proctor.

    5. No more than 8 skaters should be on the ice at the same time as the testing skater.

  4. Skater may take the video as many times as they want, but the submission will only be accepted one time per skater.

  5. Video submissions are subject to the 28-day retry rule (14-day beginning July 1).

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