Ice Schedule

Freestyle session availability and protocol is determined by Skate Nation Plus.  All sessions and pricing are the domain of SkateNation Plus and Richmond Ice Zone and are subject to change at any time.

Please visit and follow the “CLICK HERE” link for current Freestyle schedules.

Passes, in books of 10, are available for purchase at the rink. Each pass is good for 30 minutes of skating.
$80 for one book
$70 for 2 books (each, total: $140)
$65 for 3 books (each, total: $195)

All passes expire 2 months from the purchase date.

Please remember that skaters must pay for all time that they are on freestyle ice.  We have notice that skaters are putting down that they will skate one hour but are staying on the ice 70 minutes.  SkateNation changed our passes to accommodate the skater and how long they wanted to skate.  Please use the correct number of passes or the monitors will be asking you for more.

We have notice that there are lots of skaters who owe freestyle passes and clinic classes.  Please stop by the monitor’s table and make sure your name is not on the list. Please pay for the ice time and classes that are owed to SkateNation.