What is Testing? Why do I do it?

Just like in the Basic Skills program where skaters can graduate from one level to the next as they improve, there is a series of tests that can be taken allowing skaters to continue this progression once they leave the Basic Skills program. A skater‘s test level determines their overall skill set and which level they can enter for competitions. Testing is a way for skaters to set goals for themselves, to work on specific skills in various areas and to qualify them for specific competition entry levels. Unlike the Basic Skills program, where a coach evaluates the skater and can pass them on to the next level, Test Sessions are held at the rink and skaters have to perform their skills in front of a panel of official U.S. Figure Skating judges. These judges determine if the skater has performed the required skills adequately to move on to the next level.

Test Tracks

There are three Test Tracks: Moves in the Field, Freeskate and Dance. Freeskating is the typical skating program where skaters are evaluated on specific jumps, spins, transitions and connecting footwork. Dance is the track for ice dancing, both with a partner and solo. Moves in the Field incorporates skating skills that show power, control, speed, edge quality, balance and posture. Typically, skaters begin taking Moves tests first and then add in Freeskate and/or Dance. Each track has multiple levels.

Moves in the Field and Freeskate have the same levels:
Pre-Preliminary (Lowest Level / First Test)
Senior (Top Level / results in Gold Medal)

Dance has a somewhat different structure for levels:
Preliminary (Lowest Level, consists of 3 dances)
Pre-Bronze (3 different dances)
Bronze (3 different dances)
Pre-Silver (3 different dances)
Silver (3 different dances)
Pre-Gold (4 different dances)
Gold (4 different dances / results in Gold Medal)

Dates for upcoming test sessions with our club will announced.  We encourage skaters to get more details from your coach on the testing that is appropriate for you.

RFSC Test Chair – Dawn Walker